Thursday, 2 June 2011

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Ball and Birthday Bash!

It’s officially our 2nd Anniversary! w00t! Get your fancy hats and party gear ready to go! Can you believe it’s been ANOTHER year already?! Now for the details you have all been waiting for! Well…in just a bit. I must say that it’s been fun listening to all the buzz about this year’s big social event! As we turn to celebrate this year, I want to make sure that we honor more than just Diary of a Wizard. The Ravenwood Ball certainly was founded to mark our special day in interwebz history, but there are so many other sites & bloggers that need to be recognized as well. Last year we partied with Student Teacher nominees & danced the night away….well until Ravenwood Academy burst at the seams! Poor Bartleby, we had to clean up for days.  This year I would like to take this opportunity to bring together the community in a new and exciting way. Instead of just meeting at Ravenwood Academy, we will branch out into mini-parties. The first mini-party will be at my new Sultan’s Palace to celebrate Diary of a Wizard’s 2 year anniversary. Once this location is full, the next mini-party will open. The other locations will be up to YOU, the community!